Rider TrainingMountain Road

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) provides rider training for new, returning, and experienced riders. On March 10, 2010, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation unveiled an expanded, comprehensive Curricula, and recommended new CORE curricula for riders.

Question of the Day

Dr. Jim Heideman provides the MSF Question of the Day to challenge riders and prospective riders to think critically about staying safe and what might be needed to ride, and to inform riders about resources MSF offers that can help riders gain that knowlege.

MSF Course Review

The MSF Basic Rider Course, course review, is available online, consisting of 48 multiple choice questions to test and inform your knowledge of the material covered in the Basic RiderCourse.

MSF Motorcycle Challenge

MSF also provides an interactive "live" online motorcycle challenge to assist with basic, intermediate, and advanced motorcycle skills.

Tip of the Day

Through his Tip of the Day, Dr Ray Ochs, director of training systems for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, offers quick tips, tactics, and techniques that you can combine with the essential safety precautions that you already should take on every ride.