Parent Discussion:
Is it ok for my kid to ride?

As a parent myself, I can unequivocally say that my experience in allowing my son to ride has been good. Other than the pure fun of it, my rationale for introducing him to motorcycles at an early age was multifaceted:

Starting Early Minimizes The "First Ride" Risk

Someday, somewhere, somebody is going to have a motorcycle and offer your young almost-adult child the chance to take his or her first ride. I knew that my son would not likely turn it down. I did not want that event to be his first time with two horsepower on wheels, and handlebars with a throttle in his hands. Too many kids take that first ride, unaware of the risks and ill-equipped to control the bike. Teaching him early put me at ease that his first motorcycle ride would not coincide with the last day of his life.

What is a "Clutch", Anyway?

I may be old-fashioned, I know. Clutches will soon be gone from all cars. Possibly motorcycles will lose the clutch too. But while manual gearshifts are still around, I cannot help but think that any driver, male or female, should know how to operate a vehicle with a gearshift and a clutch. You never know when it may come in handy, or may save a life. Motorcycles are the perfect inspiration for gearshift and clutch education.

An Opportunity To Spend Time Together

With kids under the age for a motor vehicle license, unless you live out where kids can ride directly from your house, the only way for them to ride is if you through the bikes on a trailer, drive to the trails, and ride with them. There is a certain age that kids reach at which parents cherish the times when kids ask them to do something together. Dirt bikes are an excellent source of opportunity for such special times.

Independence, Confidence, and Self-Reliance

There really is nothing quite like a motorcycle to place an individual in the position to make individual decisions, foster confidence in one's self, and learn to solve problems as they arise. Parts will break or fail and in such circumstances there is no choice but to assess the options and come up with something that will work. It is amazing what level of improvisation will arise when only pure desire and creativity will re-start the motor or temporarily patch the broken part. A kid who wants to ride will become self-reliant and soon become adept at overcoming whatever obstacles stand in the way.