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Motorcycle Consumer News July 2009 cover including index and photo of Victory Hammer "Premium Edition" muscle cruiserMotorcycle Consumer News provides "The facts, just the facts." I really like this magazine. It costs a little more than most traditional motorcycle magazines because Motorcycle Consumer News does not accept advertising. Motorcycle Consumer News has been 100% subscriber supported since 1991.

The impression I get is that MCN gives a pretty good indicia of objectivity because in selecting content, the editors don't have to make anyone except the readers happy. For those of us who care about motorcyles, the industry, the riders, and issues that affect us all, Motorcycle Consumer News is an essential part of our toolbox.

Every month, MCN tells me something new that I really hadn't known or thought about with regard to the science of motorcycles. In addition, the letters to the editor are well written and generally helpful. "MC Bulletins" and "Latest Recalls" bring me up to date with regard to what's happening in the motorcycle world. I'm always impressed with MCN's objective and comprehensive evaluations of new motorcyles on the market. Feature articles cover safety, riding, repairs, and design. I have been particularly impressed with the self-help mechanical articles.

In Motorcycle Consumer News, there is always something on recent trends, medical issues, proficiency, or whatever. The topics are covered by some of the best writers in motorcyling today. Finally, there are calendar updates as to events all over the country, and periodic posting of current used motorcyle values for any of us who are about to buy or sell a bike with miles. If you ride, if you are interested in what's really going on with motorcycles, and if you share the common bond of responsibility for motorcycling and motorcyclists, MCN should be in your mailbox.

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Editor-in-Chief: Dave Searle