Choosing a Lawyer for your Motorcycle Injury, Insurance, or Damage Case

Five basic guidelines for selection of a motorcycle attorney after a motorcycle crash:

  1. Always choose a motorcycle lawyer who has already handled motorcycle accident cases like yours in the past.
  2. Ask the potential motorcycle crash attorney for references or examples of motorcycle accident or crash cases in which he/she has represented clients who have been injured while riding or operating a motorcycle.
  3. Verify that the potential motorcycle crash attorney has personally tried motorcycle crash cases before a jury.
  4. Find out about the lawyer's appellate record to decide whether the lawyer has the experience to appeal your case, if that should become necessary.
  5. Ask questions to satisfy yourself that the potential motorcycle attorney fully understands the relevant motorcycle insurance law in your state.

West Virginia motorcycle attorney Harry Deitzler on his 2007 Road King Classic with German Shepherd puppy Jaeger.Harry Deitzler is a West Virginia personal injury lawyer who represents motorcycle riders in any state. He also rides his own motorcycles, so he understands first hand the issues in motorcycle cases.

With regard to qualifications, Deitzler's personal experience as a trial and appellate attorney since 1976 includes more than a hundred jury trials and over two dozen appearances before appellate courts. His law firm, Hill, Peterson, Carper, Bee & Deitzler, PLLC, draws upon the legal skills of five partners, three associates, and more than a dozen additional staff persons to provide representation and advice for injured individuals.

Deitzler has been privileged to help clients in numerous states, and has presented claims for motorcycle riders facing many unique motorcycle accident situations. He works on cases involving disputes between injured individuals and insurance companies every working day.

Deitzler explains: "I bought my first Yamaha in 1968 with savings from my paper route. Since that day, I have always cared about our fellow riders. As a lawyer who represents motorcycle riders, I would consider it a privilege to be of assistance to you if you find my help or representation to be appropriate. Our law firm's primary focus is upon representing people who are injured and/or those who do not receive fair treatment from insurance companies. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if I can be of assistance to you on your motorcycle case, or if you just need some suggestions or feedback about attorneys in your area."

When a motorcycle accident occurs, the results can be devastating to the rider and passenger. It is no surprise that motorcycle accidents often cause death or serious injury. Injured motorcyclists deserve representation by attorneys who have the necessary resources, investigation, and courtroom experience that motorcycle accident cases require.

Please feel free to call or e-mail Harry Deitzler if you have any motorcycle accident or injury questions. Neither the call or the e-mail will result in any obligation. No attorney/client relationship begins until and unless both you and Deitzler's law firm sign an agreement regarding representation.

Motorcycle attorney Harry Deitzler and his law partners are members of the American Association for Justice, the largest professional association of attorneys and lawyers who do trial and appellate work for persons injured as a result of accidents or product defects. In addition, Deitzler is a board member and past president of the Public Justice Foundation, which operates Public Justice, America's public interest law firm. Nationally, he is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) and the American Trial Lawyers Association, and a past member of the National Bar Association. Locally he serves on the board of governors for the West Virginia Association for Justice and was president the West Virginia State Bar 2013-2014.

"If I can use the information and contacts that I have gained from those organizations to help you locate or evaluate a potential attorney, I would be pleased to do so."

Harry Deitzler