Accessories to Look For

Sometimes you cannot find it, sometimes you do not even know that it exists. This section is for some of the useful or fun items that help with the motorcycle experience.

Eddie's 2009 Road King Classic on J&S Jack in his garageJ & S Jacks

My brother Eddie got tired of crawling around under his Road King Classic. This is what he came up with to solve the problem. Eddie says that now he can reach all the chrome without crawling wearing out his back or his knees (particularly the one that he just had rebuilt in surgery). It's easy to put the bike wherever he wants, and rolling it back out for a ride is always a piece of cake. This will definitely be the next addition to my garage!

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Find Spot: Satellite Personal Tracker

Wife Kathe can now locate whatever parts of me and the bike are left if I ever go over a guardrail. Seriously, for a nominal price, this palm-sized weatherproof unit allows satellite tracking of your location anyplace in the world (you can also opt for the "search and rescue" option). You can clip it on your jacket or attach it to the motorcycle.

In my own household, Kathe is now reassured that her husband won't be stranded or lost in the event of an emergency. But it also is a great device to update friends and loved ones about your travels during extended rides. Set the tracker to send a signal every 15 minutes, and with a computer and internet connection your friends and family can map your trip in real time.

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